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1 Year of Confessions: New Year, New Goals!

It has been one year of Confessions of a Nurse Practitioner and it has been a fantastic journey. It’s been successful and amazing mainly because of your support and feedback. I have learned so much along this journey and plan to continue to serve in this capacity. Over the course of this first year, I have published 45 blog posts including this one! That is nearly double the anticipated goal of 26 posts as my goal was to post every two weeks. I am happy to have exceeded that goal tremendously!

Let’s take a look at the top 12 posts of the past 12 months of Confessions of a Nurse Practitioner. These are the posts that were read and shared the most. Which post was your favorite? If your favorite did not make the top 12 list please share in the comments!

What I have learned from looking at this list is that you like content that applies to you in the moment. You like content that is personal. You like content that is not only fun but also thought-provoking.

The special bonus of having started the blog was the birth of the Confessions Chat on Facebook Live. This has happened monthly since the blog launched in February 2020 and has covered an array of topics including deeper discussions of the blog posts. These chats have been a hit for many of you!

As Confessions of a Nurse Practitioner has evolved, I have a confession for you. I have decided to do some pivoting. I initially created the platform to shed light on various general health topics with the goal of helping EVERYBODY. The longer that I have done this, the more I am learning that I can not be everything to everybody. I am also learning that for growth and sustainability, my target audience can’t be EVERYBODY. “EVERYBODY” is entirely too general. I have come to the realization that I need to have a niche. In my case, it will be two niches as I am multi-passionate about these two groups of people particularly. Now, this is not to say that I will not continue to provide content that everybody can use, at least sometimes, but my primary focus will be on two groups. These two groups couldn’t be more different from each other if I tried. In fact, you would have to work or think really hard to connect the two. Yet I have been heavily and dynamically impacted by both. Take a guess.

Ok, ok, I’ll just tell you. Niche one is persons with cancer and their families. Niche two is families of early infant and pregnancy loss. I plan to provide content specific to the needs of these populations. I hope you will continue with me along this journey and share information with your family and friends. It has been 12 wonderful months of Confessions of a Nurse Practitioner. Happy Anniversary to the blog and thank you for the support!

Join me in the Confessions Challenge on Facebook and Instagram! Don’t worry, you don’t have to post a confession for 12 days in a row but I will present a question or challenge daily on Facebook and Instagram that I would love for you to answer or complete! By participating daily, you will qualify to win a prize at the end of the 12 days! It’s simple right! Answer the question within my post and or post on your social media and tag me!

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Just Jess
Just Jess
02 Φεβ 2021

It’s hard to pick just one post as a favorite but I guess I will go with number 1 on the list. I love personal stories and experiences so I also enjoyed reading the posts about auntie, still birth/infant loss, and why you became a nurse! Congrats on one year of blogging and writing! I look forward to everything you have coming up this year!

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