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Busy Bee Writing Retreat

The Busy Bee Writing Retreat is designed for working women who may be short on time but long on creativity! A Busy Bee is a working woman who is juggling career/work, family, and community responsibilities and also find fulfillment in other endeavors such as writing. As a Busy Bee, it is hard to set aside dedicated time for writing projects or goals but the dreams and desires are still present.


Participation in the Busy Bee Writing Retreat is an opportunity for personal and professional growth, self-care, and a way to accomplish writing projects or goals! The goal of the Busy Bee Writing Retreat is to provide dedicated and uninterrupted time to achieve writing goals with similarly-minded women!

The upcoming Busy Bee Writing Retreat is April 11-14, 2024 in Cedar Bluff, Alabama! For more information, click here. If interested complete the questionnaire to attend.  Busy Bee Questionnaire

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