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Busy Bee Writing Retreat's Top 5!

The last weekend in February proved that the best was yet to come for the Busy Bee Writing Retreat! 20 women embarked upon a weekend in Cedar Bluff, Alabama that was destined to prove productive, fruitful, and inspiring. It was all that and then some! I am still in awe at how God blessed our time together and I am so thankful that I was obedient to His instruction.

Indulge me as I share with you the top 5 reasons the Busy Bee Writing Retreat is a dream come true for a busy woman writer!

1. It was the opportunity and space that you needed to conquer writing goals and projects.

One day I thought to myself how much I could accomplish if I had one weekend to focus on writing goals. The Busy Bee Writing Retreat was born because I realized that I had let my writing passion lie dormant for much too long. However, because of work, family, and various obligations, I found it difficult to carve out as much time as I wanted to make sufficient headway in my writing goals. This left me unfulfilled and frustrated. I knew that I couldn’t be the only one feeling this way and knew that I had friends who could relate. By taking and making the time I could help myself and other women in the process. So that’s what I did by cultivating an experience where all you need to do is show up prepared to push out your writing goals while being open to receiving more. There was no need to worry about space to write, where you would sleep, or what you would eat as it would all be available without you having to even leave the property. The Busy Bee Writing Retreat is space and opportunity!

2. It was the fellowship and sisterhood that you didn’t know that you needed to hold you accountable and encourage you.

When I decided to increase the number of attendees for the retreat I was initially nervous but I knew that God said that 20 was the number so I pushed away doubt and kept moving forward. I then begin to pray that God would allow the right group of women to come together in harmony and like-mindedness. To say that God truly delivered is an understatement. I am sure that the bonds created will be enduring and life-giving.

3. It was the dynamic networking and learning that is priceless to help you grow.

I knew that we would learn from each other but the amount of valuable insight provided bypassed my expectations. New story ideas, business tips, imposter syndrome, social media, and trademarking were just a few of the discussion points!

4. It was the self-care that you didn’t think was possible.

Sometimes the freedom to be who you are and do the things that you want to do is all the self-care you need. However, at the Busy Bee Writing Retreat, it was more to it than that. Not only was free time built into the schedule for those who wanted it we also had a phenomenal self-care moment with make-up led by retreat attendee and platinum sponsor, Dr. Jacqueline Triche of DJS Beauty! It was fun, insightful, and reinforced the beauty we have inside and out.

5. It was everything that you needed plus some, including that Buzz Bag!

Aside from all the basics, an added spectacular touch were the signature Buzz Bags that included wonderful items on behalf of some of our sponsors! Even the Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce pitched in with some awesome goodies! Plus there were giveaways that each lady had an opportunity to win!

I am thankful to the sponsors for their generosity in providing the attendees with an extra special experience. Be sure to check out the links below and get some things or services for yourself!

I am thankful to the Busy Bees who supported the vision and participated in the retreat. I am thankful to those who helped me in various ways from taking pictures to making sure that I ate, lol. Thanks to you all, I expect that the Busy Bee Writing Retreat will be buzzing around for a long time. Speaking of that, the September dates for the next Busy Bee Retreat will be announced soon so stay tuned!

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LaTasha Diana
LaTasha Diana
Mar 31, 2022

This retreat was awesome! I look forward to the next one!


Erica Jackson
Erica Jackson
Mar 30, 2022

This was very nice to read about. Black excellence at it's finest.

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