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CANspiration Journal

In my early 20’s, my mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and I was her primary caregiver on her journey. When she felt like it, she would write about her experiences and her feelings. Doing this gave her a sense of control, and it helped her navigate her circumstances. Through taking care of her, I also journaled my thoughts and feelings in addition to writing down important information that was provided to us by the doctor and nurses.

In practice, I have witnessed patients trying to capture his or her healthcare information in various notebooks that are not truly tailored to his or her needs.

I created this journal to meet the unique needs of a person with cancer while serving as an outlet and release. Within it, you will find scripture and CANspirational prompts to guide you according to your feelings. There is also a section for free writing.

It is my prayer that through this journal you are inspired and empowered to take control and maintain the will to FIGHT! I believe you CAN and CANcer CAN’t WIN!

Pre-order a personalized copy for you or your loved one at!

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